Terms & Conditions


This is a beta version of the Digitaljob website which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. The website, its software and all content found on it are provided “as is” and “as available”. Digitaljob does not give any warranties, whether expressed or implied, as to the suitability or usability of the website, its software or any of its content.

Digitaljob will not be liable for any loss, whether such loss is direct, indirect, special or consequential, suffered by any party as a result of their use of the Digitaljob website, its software or content.

Any downloading or uploading of material to the website is done at the user’s own risk and the user will be solely responsible for any damage to any computer system or loss of data that results from such activities.

Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems on the website, please let us know immediately so we can rectify these accordingly. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

This document describes the terms and conditions by which Digitaljob.org offers you access to our services. This agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable to your use of our available services in the platform www.digitaljob.org The user agreement is a legally binding agreement between you and Digitaljob.org This agreement is valid from May 25, 2018 for all users. These terms and conditions apply to the services available in the domain and subdomains www.digitaljob.org . If you live in a country that is an EU member, using the services on the digitalob.org platform, you agree to the following terms and general principles of our platform.

Be sure to read and understand these terms and align with the terms and conditions of this Agreement before registering, as you will be bound to respect the terms if you use the services offered on the platform. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not use the platform.

These Terms & Conditions may change without notification, in any way, of the users, therefore we recommend that you periodically review the “Terms and Conditions” section.



The terms “Digitaljob.org”, “2Fresh”, “Platform”, “Company”, “Site” represent the company 2 Fresh Design S.R.L. and the services provided by Digitaljob.org

The company 2Fresh Design S.R.L. is a Romanian company having its headquarters in Bucharest, 15 Charles de Gaulle, Office 325 Register 09, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/3483/2003, Fiscal Registration Code RO15271636, EUID ROONRC.J40/3483/2003.

“Platform” represents the platform operated by 2Fresh and available at www.digitaljob.org and any other sub-domain of its platform, services or applications.

“User” is any individual accessing the platform for any reason.

“User account” represents the account associated with the email address and password of those using the platform, individuals or legal entities.

“Digital user” is any individual accessing the platform and having a user account on the platform.

“Digital user profile” represents the information that each digital user who has an account on the Platform makes public on the platform.

“Digital company” any company wishing to post recruitment advertisements on the platform. A company is entitled to only one account, but it can have more users, by preference.

“Company profile” –  represents the information that every company having an account on the platform makes public on the platform.

“Verified company” –  represents that the company has an active account and has published at least one job post.

“Job” – is a job vacancy in digital companies that has been posted on the digitaljob.org platform.

“Teams” –  are groups of people who share their digital and information technology projects.

“Matching system algorithm” – represents an internally developed algorithm that identifies the career opportunities that suit the professional level of each digital user.


General conditions

Digitaljob.org is a Romanian job board fully dedicated to leading professionals in the IT, design and marketing industries, which enables digital minds to find their dream jobs easier than ever.

Through Digitaljob, we aim to create what we call Global JOBalization and reach the point where anyone, regardless of gender, age, location or race, has the opportunity to work for any company in the world.

We strongly believe that the more people you have in one place, the easier it is for knowledge to be spread and shared. We believe that collaboration empowers digital transformation. This is one of our most important motivations for creating a sustainable community through Digitaljob.

Digitaljob enables the users to create an insightful Digital Profile with specific info: Experience, Skills, Tools, Education, and more. Each user receives a Level and can easily connect with other users from the same company or with common skills. Digitaljob’s matching algorithm chooses the career opportunities that suit the professional level of each digital user.

Digitaljob is designed to integrate various types of operational needs. Digital Users are able to easily create Teams with specific skills and projects. They can now apply for a job as a Team or work directly with a specific company.

Recruiting needs vary from one brand to another, so Digital Companies have the possibility to publish Two Job Types: for Single Candidates and for Teams. Every job post offers relevant details about soft and hard skills and benefits from an advanced Matching System algorithm.

In a dynamic labor market, Recruiting is brand power. As a result, the Company Profile is designed for both marketing and networking purposes. Companies can now benefit from useful branding tools: Custom Branding Page Reviews, Recommendations, Followers and more.

By combining digital skills, tools and professional experience, we generate a level of competence for each logged-in user, connecting the best candidates according to companies needs.


User account

To create a Digitaljob account, we ask you to provide a valid email address and set up a password. The email you use must be the one we can contact you. If we can not contact you via this email address, your submitted request may not be activated and your account may be disabled. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You agree to notify us immediately if you suspect unauthorized use of your account or access to your password. You are solely responsible for any use of your account.

It is possible for you to register an account and then access Digitaljob through a social networking site. In this case, you agree that Digitaljob will have access, make available through the website and eventually store any information, data, text, messages, labels and / or other materials provided, stored and made accessible through the social networking site or your social account account. Subject to the privacy settings you have set up with the social networking site account you use to access DigitalJob, the personal identification information you post on that social networking site can be displayed on Digitaljob.Consult our policy confidentiality [link] for more details about personal data processing.

In any case, you will not use another person’s email address and you will not create multiple active user accounts to post more reviews for the same company.

Login data should not be shared with other people or users. The person who owns a certain account is responsible for all the actions made through the account. Each company is responsible for all the actions that are taken from its account.

Digital companies interested to create an account on the platform and to publish recruitment announcements must register before they can post advertisments.

2Fresh and / or Digitaljob.org will not be part of any contract / agreement between digital users and digital companies, but it only facilitates the connection between the two parties acting as an intermediary.

Moreover, the Digitaljob.org platform can not and will not verify or confirm in any way the profiles of digital users. You agree that any communication, correspondence, verbal or written or warranties or representations are not provided by Digitaljob.org and are specifically only between digital companies and digital users.

Periodically and without prior notice, the platform may be subject to changes and / or updates. We do not oblige us to constantly update the platform and also assume no liability if errors occur on the information on the platform or if the information is not updated.


Using the platform

If you are a digital user, you can create a Digital User Profile, which you have access to, completing the appropriate fields in the Register section.

To be able to apply to a job posted by a digital company, at least 70% of your profile needs to be filled in, including your phone number. If this condition is not met, you can not apply to a job.

When you apply to a job, the digital company can view your profile, including your contact details.

When you are logged into your account you can benefit from all the services and facilities offered by platform, including and not limited to: Profile, Network, Jobs, Teams, Companies, Digitaljob Career Tools, Best Digital Jobs, Create a team, Add a Company Review, Create Infographic CV.

If you are a digital company, you can create a Digital Company Profile, which you have access to, completing the appropriate fields in the Register section.

A digital company can publish two types of job advertisments: classic job, when looking to hire one candidate suitable for your job description or team job, when looking to hire an entire team specialised on your requirements.

The digital company has access to the contact details of all the digital users that applied to the job posted by the company.

When a digital company is logged into its account it can benefit from all the services and facilities offered by platform, including and not limited to: Jobs, Teams, Companies, Dashboard, Recruiting, Reviews, Analytics, Post job, Find Teams, Digitaljob Recruiting Tools.

Users are prohibited from following:

  • Post false, untrue information that is intended to mislead the users, misleading, defamatory, offensive;
  • Use inappropriate language in relation with other users and the platform support team;
  • Transferring the user account to another person without the consent of the platform;
  • Sharing confidential information received through the platform;
  • Distribute viruses and / or other programs that may affect the platform or interests of the company;
  • Post, broadcast, upload, transmit material (image, text) with content: pornographic, erotic or sexually explicit, of any kind and in any forms;
  • Operate to undermine or affect the reputation of the platform or to use the reputation of the platform to obtain illicit gains;
  • Infringing intellectual property rights and copyrights owned by the 2Fresh platform and / or company, including but not limited to: job postings, teams, companies, users;
  • Try modifying, adapting, editing, copying the software / platform the platform uses / uses in relation to the platform;
  • Gathering information about other users, such as email addresses, without their consent, and using them without their consent and / or in illegal and / or immoral activities;
  • Upload, post, broadcast, transmit in any way any content for which the user does not have the legal right to transmit or broadcast under any conditions, under the Romanian legal system or under any foreign legal system, confidential or proprietary information, found or disclosed as part of the service or proprietary relationship;
  • Upload, post, broadcast or transmit in any way any kind of advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation, except for portions of service that are formed for this purpose;
  • Posting, broadcasting or transmitting any personal data in any way or recording these data in the fields that can be viewed by other users;
  • To use the materials, projects and / or information obtained through the Digitaljob.org platform for competitive purposes;
  • Post, broadcast or transmit any material that is in any way contrary to applicable law and conduct;
  • Disclose information that violates the confidentiality or any other rights of any third party, including any current or potential existing employer;
  • expose Digitaljob.org or our users to any injury or liability.

Digitaljob.org is responsible for verifying the information and data it receives to the extent available, but Digitaljob.org does not guarantee the credibility, accuracy and veracity of the information published by the users or companies and does not assume the opinions of the users.

This website may contain links to other websites. Associated websites are provided only as a convenience to you and not as a Digitaljob.org approval of the content of those websites.


Intellectual Property Rights

By placing any material in any public segment on the platform, including forums, contests, or chat rooms, you guarantee Digitaljob.org the continued and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute or communicate publicly (wholly or partially) content at the international level, or incorporate it into other works of any form, media or technology known or to be developed in the future.

Digitaljob.org owns legal rights to use the information and public materials posted on the platform. Everything you see or read on the platform (such as images, photos, illustrations, texts, videos, and other materials) is protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property laws.

It is forbidden to make any reproductions, transformations, distributions or public communications, or to make available, retrieve, reuse or use, in any other way, any material and / or information on this platform, except for the ways in which this is permitted these T & Cs or except where the applicable law will allow this.

Intellectual property rights infringement will be reported as soon as it is discovered. The Digitaljob.org platform will deal with the utmost seriousness complaints about intellectual property rights.

The Platform is fully free to delete or suspend the user’s account that does not comply with these T & Cs and / or which violates the applicable legal requirements.



Users are prohibited to advertise other sites, products or services online and / or offline. Any Internet address posted on the platform in any form must be related to the project or job of interest and found on the platform.

The platform can display, at its discretion, various advertisements, depending on business decisions taken at the company level. Digitaljob.org assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by users due to advertisements or to third parties.

Digitaljob.org may take actions or measures against the user or against the information recorded by him / her on the platform.


Identifying users

By agreeing to these T&Cs, the platform is authorized to make any investigations deemed necessary to validate the identity of the users. At the request of the platform and / or of platform employees, any user is obliged to provide the information required to confirm their identity for the platform, to take steps to confirm the ownership of the transmitted e-mail address or to check the information against third parties.

The Platform reserves the right to suspend, limit, or disallow users access to their accounts and / or the platform if the latter can not obtain user identity checks.

The platform acts as a passive factor by providing the framework where the demand meets the offer and publishing the information provided by users and companies; and it does not have the obligation to check the information received prior to posting and is not responsible for their content. The Platform is not responsible for data and / or information posted, broadcast or transmitted by users and / or companies. If requested, the company can verify and investigate the allegations and decide whether or not the information is real.


Inactive accounts

User accounts that have not been used, as in the case that users have not logged in for a period of 36 months, or accounts that have been suspended by the platform as a result of non-compliance with the provisions of this Regulation, may be reactivated at users’ request if platform owners deem it appropriate to reactivate the accounts in question, and users have provided sufficient guarantees to remedy the situations that generated the inactivation of the accounts.

The platform reserves the right to delete the inactive user account.


The right to refuse to provide the service

The Platform reserves the right to close, suspend, or limit the right of access of users without reason, with a 15-day prior notice.

Additionally, the company may delete, suspend, or limit user access to accounts in such cases as, but not limited to:

  • Violation or attempt to violate these T & Cs;
  • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Participation or intention to participate in fraudulent or illegal activities;
  • Users do not respond to the verification requests from the platform and / or the company they represent or do not provide the requested information for data verification within 6 months of the request;
  • Trying to produce a loss to the platform or company it represents;
  • Violation of the legal provisions regarding the processing of personal data;

The violations of these T & Cs are sanctioned under the applicable law and also the person who violates this Regulation is held to pay the amounts due or the costs incurred by the company for the purpose of detecting the violation of this regulation.


Deleting the user account

Users can delete their account anytime they want by accessing the Settings section.

A digital company must not have active jobs posted to be able to delete its account.


Feed back

Digitaljob.org reserves the right to request feedback from users, so that it can improve its services and develop new facilities in order to provide the necessary mechanisms for users to obtain the expected results by using the platform.

Persons interested in obtaining additional information or notify certain irregularities regarding this regulation can contact us using the email address: contact@digitaljob.org or using the contact form, available on the platform.


Privacy Policy and Personal Information

The collection and use of your personal information is subject to our Privacy Policy, which is part of the present T&C and is available here.

By using the platform, you agree to our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, you can not use the platform.


Cookies Policy

Digitaljob.org uses, like most websites, cookies to give visitors a pleasant experience when visiting our website. Our website uses cookies to provide better service to all users who visit our platform. Cookies are useful because it helps us to create relevant content for users and to present it in an attractive way, as well as helping us to make our site more user-friendly and safer.

The use of cookies is subject to the Cookies Policy, which is part of the present T & C and is available here.



We implement security measures that are appropriate for detecting the existence of viruses. However, you must keep in mind that the existing security measures for computer systems on the Internet are not entirely reliable and that therefore we can not guarantee the lack of existence of viruses or any other elements that could cause system changes your computer or the data and files contained in your systems. It is always recommended that users use anti-virus software for the content they download from the internet.

Digitaljob.org can not be held responsible for errors resulting from user negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of their account and password. Each user has the responsibility to take care of the confidential data that complies with the new account created. The user should not disclose his login data to third-parties.

Digitaljob.org has taken reasonable steps to ensure the security and confidentiality of data collected through the platform and transmitted through its IT system; Digitaljob.org periodically checks that the site, the server / servers and mails sent by the platform do not contain viruses or harmful components. In any case, if such harmful programs are discovered, Digitaljob.org will take all necessary and possible steps to remove harmful / damaging programs / programs and to repair the damages produced. We feel compelled to inform you that sending personal data over the Internet (via e-mail communication for example) may be exposed to security vulnerabilities. There is no possibility or method to protect personal data in absolute terms, so that it can not be accessed by third parties.

Digitaljob.org automatically collects and stores information in the so-called server records, which the user’s browser automatically transmits to us. This stored information may include:

  • The type and version of the browser used;
  • Type of operating system used;
  • URL reference;
  • The hostname or device on which access was made;
  • Date and time the server received the information.

The above mentioned information can not relate to a particular person individually. We also do not associate the data gathered with information from other sources. However, we reserve the right to review the information subsequently if a suspicion of illegal or unlawful use is subject to our attention.

We use physical, electronic and managerial measures to protect the information we collect online. However, no company can completely eliminate the security risks, so we can not provide guarantees on any part of our services. You are responsible for keeping your user data and password secret. Once you’ve registered with us, we will never ask for your password. Create a unique Digitaljob password and do not use it for other web services or applications.


Guarantees, limitation of liability

The use of the platform and / or the materials and information made available through the platform is at your own risk and all elements on the platform are made available “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE”, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.


Disputes and Litigation

Any disputes between users and companies will resolve without the involvement of the platform or the company they represent, given that the platform and / or the company they represent is not a party to the contracts concluded by users and companies.

Any misunderstandings with the platform owner are amicably settled by the parties’ representatives. If it is not possible to resolve disputes amicably, the parties will address the competent courts of Bucharest, in accordance with Romanian law.



Questions, comments and requests for T&Cs must be addressed in writing to the email address:  contact@digitaljob.org or by an address sent to Alexandru Borneanu Street, No 2, 2nd Floor, sector 6, Bucharest, Romania.

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