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Learn everything there is to know about company reviews on Digitaljob.

Reviews are missing from my company profile

The only case in which a review might be missing from a company profile is when being reported as inappropriate. The Digitaljob Team reevaluates reviews (once they have been reported) and removes them if necessary. Due to anonymity concerns, we cannot release specific reasons why a review has been removed from Digitaljob. However, if the […]

Can Digitaljob be held liable for the content of the reviews hosted on its site?

Digitaljob cannot be held liable for the user-generated content we host on our site. Given the fact that Digitaljob is not the “publisher” nor the “speaker” of the content submitted by our users, we are not liable for most types of claims arising from this content. For more detailed information, please check our Legal Agreements. Was […]

Reviews responses

In order to respond to reviews on your company’s profile, you must have a company account or claim a company.  This way, you may provide an official employer response to any of your company reviews. In order to respond to a review, you must take the following steps: Sign in to your company account. Click […]

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