[Companies] Manage Company Profile

Find information about managing company accounts on Digitaljob.


The Dashboard of your company account summarizes the most important data: how many times other Digitaljob users have viewed your company profile or your job posts, your company rating, the number of your reviews, current job openings, candidates and people you have already hired through Digitaljob. Go to your Dashboard Was this Helpful ? Yes  […]


In the “Jobs” tab of your company profile, you are going to find all your current job openings posted on Digitaljob. See your Jobs¬† Was this Helpful ? Yes   No


In the “Employees” tab of your company profile, you can find all the Digitaljob registered users who added your company in their work experience timeline on their Profile Pages. Note: You may find listed both current and former employees. See your Employees Was this Helpful ? Yes   No

Update company profile

To update a company profile on Digitaljob, you need to have a company account. With this account, you will have the ability to update your company profile, respond to reviews, analyze your company metrics and much more according to your subscription plan. Create company profile or Claim already existing company account   Was this Helpful […]

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