[Companies] Manage Account & Emails

Find information about managing your Digitaljob account and receiving notifications.

Unsubscribe from Digitaljob emails

To unsubscribe from all Digitaljob emails, updates, notifications and job suggestions: Sign in to Digitaljob. Uncheck all options related to emails, notifications and messaging through the Notifications section in the Settings of your account. We also give you the option of choosing what type of notifications you would like to receive. You can enable/disable any […]

Claim already existing Company account

Each time a Digitaljob user adds a company they’ve worked for in their Experience timeline or in their Projects, a default account is created for that specific company. Thus, we kindly advise you to check if your company already has a Digitaljob account, prior to creating a new one. If you have found your company […]

Validate your Digitaljob account

We require all members to validate their account. This verification process helps us maintain the integrity of information on our site. After signing up for an account, members will receive a validation email from Digitaljob titled “Welcome to Digitaljob.org”. Once you hit the “Confirm” button, you will be redirected to log in. Was this Helpful ? Yes  […]

Create a Digitaljob Company account

As a new Company user, you get full access for unlimited time to a customized company profile and you can respond to employees’ reviews of your company. You can also unlock multiple Digitaljob features such as job posting, matching system, analytics and many others. Follow the instructions below to create a new account: Click “Company […]

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