[Companies] Job Postings

Learn everything there is to know about your job postings on Digitaljob.

How do I get candidates to apply for my job?

In order to encourage applicants to apply for your job, we recommend the following: First and foremost, it is crucial you ensure an updated company profile on Digitaljob. Update company profile Afterwards: Choose a clear, concise title for the position   This is the first thing job seekers will see on Digitaljob. Make sure that the […]

Candidate Matching

Due to our Matching System, we not only ensure that we provide you with relevant candidates, but we also help you estimate how fit they really are for the job. The algorithm takes into consideration the skills’ levels listed on your candidates’ Digitaljob profiles. Was this Helpful ? Yes   No

How to post a job on Digitaljob

There are 2 types of jobs you can post on Digitaljob, depending on what type of candidates you are looking for: Classic Job – jobs for which Digitaljob users apply as individual job seekers Team Job – jobs for which Digitaljob users apply along with their teams as team job seekers When posting a job, […]

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